Bookkeeping Services

Day's & Associates Ltd. can satisfy all of your bookkeeping needs, whether you simply want us to review your records or complete all of your books for you.  We complete bookkeeping Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, or Yearly.  At Day's we utilize QuickBooks as our bookkeeping software, and encourage all of our clients to do the same.  We have found that QuickBooks offers the highest level of compatibility with other financial software that our firm utilizes.  As part of the bookkeping service Day's provides you with current financial statements for each period that bookkeeping is completed. 


How it works:

1) First we will take your records, or create new guildelines for recordkeeping if you are just starting out.  We will take this information and establish a QuickBooks file for your company.

2) Together we will choose the period that suits your needs best (quarterly, monthly, yearly...etc.)  You will then either fax, post to our client portal, mail, or drop off your records according to the chosen period.  These records could be in the form of reciepts, invoices and check stubs, to a QuickBooks backup file on a flashdrive if you perform your own QuickBooks recordkeeping, and any recordkeeping method in between the two.

3) We will review all information and make changes/adjustments to ensure that every item is acccounted for and identified as the correct type of expense, cost of good sold, income, asset, liability...etc. 

4) We will complete financial statements for that period, providing you with a visual tool to assess your business's progress.  These financial statements will also satisfy many of the needed documentation required for banks and other financial institutions.


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