Payroll Services



At Day's & Associates Ltd. we are able to address all of your payroll needs. Whether you simply need year end reports completed or are in need of a full payroll service. No matter what your needs, at Day's we can complete all of the necessary reports for you. Below you will find a detailed description of what exactly our payroll services entail.



Year End Reporting: This is a common choice for businesses that are comfortable completing their own payroll and would just like us to review their payroll reports and complete the final year end reports to ensure that everything is in compliance. With this service you also have the option of having Day's complete your W-2's for you.

Quarterly Reporting: If you complete your own payroll, but do not wish to complete quarterly payroll reports Day's has the ability to complete these for you. This option can be as  in depth as you want it to be. At Day's we will complete one quarterly report or all of the quarterly reports including Federal, State and City filings. This option also includes year-end reporting and W-2's.

*Monthly/Weekly Reporting: If your business falls within the reporting requirements that IRS has set forth deeming that you have to file reports monthly or weekly, Day's can complete that for you. In addition to the monthly and weekly reporting needs of your company, this option also includes all quarterly and year end reports.

*Full Payroll Service: Think of this option as a one-stop shop for all of your payroll needs. With the full payroll service we will complete your payroll for you. We order the checks for a payroll checking account that you establish at your bank of choice, and all you do is fax us your employee's timecards (or equivalent) and we print out the checks for you. In addition to printing out checks we process all payroll reports and complete the necessary online payments that accompany those reports. These payments will be withdrawn from the same payroll account that your checks are written out of. We have the capability to accommodate weekly and bi-weekly pay periods.


*disclaimer- The two services that are marked with an asterisk (*) have special requirements in order for Day's to complete them for you. First we will not provide these services unless you are a tax client of ours. Secondly, these two services oftentimes require that transactions be completed online via EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System) and/or the Ohio Business Gateway. To comply with IRS and Ohio regulations we require that all businesses utilizing these services allow us to file electronically.*

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