Miscellaneous Services




Notary Service:There are four Notary Publics in the Day's office that can assit you in your notary needs.



1099 Reporting: The Healthcare Reform Act of 2010 saw major changes to how companies must report services and who they must issue 1099's to.  These changes are at times extremely confusing and very detailed.  Day's and Associates is able to help you better understand 1099 rules and guidelines and also has the capability to prepare 1099's for you. 


Sales/Resort/Tanning/CAT Tax: Depending on the type of business that one conducts they may be required by the State of Ohio to file/pay sales tax, resort tax, tanning tax, CAT tax and many other taxes.  Furthermore, the timeframe that you pay and/or file these taxes may change from year to year and is dependant upon various characteristics of your business.  At Day's we file many of these returns for clients and can assist you in determining when you are required to file.  It should also be noted that the State of Ohio, like the IRS, is moving toward electronic filing and payment of these returns.  For this reason Day's will require all new clients to file/pay these returns electronicallly, which we can show you how to do, or do it for you. 


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