Representation Services



Audit Representation: The IRS randomly audits tax returns every year, so there is a possibility that you could be audited at least once in your lifetime. Should this happen to you Day's will serve as your representative and liaison to the IRS. We stand behind each and every one of the tax returns that we prepare, and will do everything in our power to ensure that the outcome of the IRS audit is the correct one. Day's takes this one step further by having two Enrolled Agents (EA) on staff. In many IRS audits an EA or CPA designation is needed to represent the client and a basic tax preparer would not be able to do this.


Collections Representation: There are a number of different circumstances that can result in a taxpayer ending up in a collections situation with IRS.  This process is oftentimes lengthy and confusing, which is why Day's offers services where we can represent you throughout the collections process, much like we would in an audit situation.  During representation we will work to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved. 



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